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Socialight Practice


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Socialight is a lighting design studio that is imbued with idealism, creativity and practicality. 

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We pride ourselves in providing lighting consultancy services that is impartial and creative. Every project that we undertake is meaningful to us to improve in what we do and how we service our clients. Socialight was rebranded from Lighting Images in 2016 following a change in leadership and to align ourselves with our new vision in the current energy conscious and value driven age. 

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Our design studio works on a flat organisation that shares knowledge and experience, with the sustained involvement of the principal for all the projects that we undertake. Being small allows us to be nimble with our resources and response; enabling us to work on projects of various scale and schedules. 

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01 LIGHT FOR SIGHT. Light should be designed for human perception; a medium that we use to enhance experience and evoke emotions. It is through what we see that triggers us most and therefore we use light to "visually plan" scenes that collectively culminate into a narrative for the project. Light can be used to "edit" a built environment and it is best used to accentuate architecture and not change it. These parameters form the rationale of our work.

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02 VALUE-JUSTIFIED. To achieve an impactful, sustainable lighting solution does not require a fortune. We create lighting ideas within the budget given or explore options with the client, ensuring costs are always in control. From the onset of the project, we recognise the real estate development framework and design towards value-for-money solutions. Through the years of playing with light and assessing equipment, we have a good grasp of the equipment market and we work towards the best value proposition. 


03 MORE ECO LESS EGO.  We ensure that lighting solutions that we design are are energy efficient, sustainable and within established guidelines. We also put the same amount of priority on safety in our designs to ensure that equipment can be assessed with minimised risk. . In the pursuit of beauty and  recognition, these factors can easily be overshadowed. 


LIGHTING DESIGN AND CONSULTANCY. Full Scope consultancy services based on the following framework

  • Concept Design

  • Schematic Design

  • Detail Design

  • Tender Documentation

  • Construction Monitoring

  • Testing & Commissioning 

A comprehensive rundown of the tasks and deliverables schedule is available here.

PEER REVIEW AND PLUG-IN SERVICES. Where our expertise are required but consultancy based on the above framework may not be viable on a project,  we have been engaged to execute task based work. These include lighting planning for building approvals, Greenmark/LEEDS conformity, value engineering or lighting model calculation among others. 

ADVISORY. Socialight can be engaged to tackle specific issues on an advisory or consultative level to overcome critical milestones within a project. These work are pro-rated on an hourly/daily basis and it can be in the form of a workshop to provide design, technical or product advise. 


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